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Two Old Hags and the HRB...

Crisafulli & Stuttler

Historic districts can be quaint and enriching community assets. Or they can be an unreasonable infringement on property rights; It all depends on your point of view.

Why should I or any Madison citizen have to come before any board or better yet a hair brained Crisafulli or Stuttler to ask them about something I want to do with my home that I make the mortgage and tax payments for?

You can't just let these two old hags shove preservation down our throats or up our azz. You need to strike a delicate balance, because the more restrictive you make it, the more opposition youíre going to get.

I am not foursquare against historic preservation I am against control. And for that Iím being depicted as a person who doesnít care what the town looks like, that's not true. I want the town to look nice as much as the next person. But I donít want to do it while strangling ourselves.

Is historic the HRB worth it for individual property owners and for the downtown community, or is it just for aesthetics and the two old hags? The more restrictive you make it the less people want to do anything to enhance the town.

The two hags have plans for more restraining rules for your property and most likely dumbo and the city council will approve it.

But, thankfully we have two sensible judges. You see, it takes a sitting judge to enforce any city ordinance and I believe our two judge's will over rule any stupidity.

Bethany Circle



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